Self-Curated Vidshow Challenge

About this vidshow: Seeing what I could do: a chronology

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OrderVid TitleVidder(s)FandomArtistRuntimeWhy I chose itlink to vid
1Wouldn't it be NiceLaura ShapiroMultiThe Beach Boys2:402001. My first meta vid, arguing for better queer representation on TV, was subsequently seen as an argument for gay marriage. It was a big stretch for me at the time.vid on AO3
2TransparentLaura ShapiroBuffy the Vampire SlayerPolychrome5:222002. The first time I used any effects in a vid. This was also the first time I tried flipping the argument partway through the vid.vid on AO3
3Come TogetherLaura ShapiroFarscapeSpiralmouth4:082004. Could I be scary?vid on AO3
4CirclesLaura ShapiroThe West WingAngele Dubeau & La Pieta3:252005. Could I do an instrumental? Could I make a vid without a narrative?vid on AO3
5Late Model LoveLaura ShapiroBuffy the Vampire SlayerThe BOBs2:442005. Could I be funny?vid on AO3
6MonsterLaura ShapiroMonsters, Inc.Henry Rollins2:132006. Could I make a Lord King Bad Vid?vid on AO3
7I Put You ThereLaura Shapiro and Lithium DollBuffy the Vampire SlayerMary Schmary2:012006. Can I make a vid pairing live action and homemade animations? With Lithy I can! Showing a fangirl right there in the text wasn't something I'd seen done before.vid on AO3
8The Lonely PeopleLaura ShapiroDoctor WhoMystiQuintet3:532007. The Doctor-Rose relationship made me feel all kinds of ways. I loved it, I lusted it, and yet I knew it wasn't right. Could I show its impact on everyone else in their world? Could I learn how to do split-screens?vid on AO3
9They Don't KnowLaura ShapiroDoctor WhoTracey Ullman3:112009. Could I make a cartoon out of live action? Could I incorporate hand-drawn effects?vid on AO3
10ArrivéLaura ShapiroLa Belle Et La Bête (Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast)Jorane2:102010. Could I make something truly abstract? A mood piece? A tone poem?vid on AO3
11Stay AwakeLaura ShapiroMultiSuzanne Vega2:112010. I hate this trope SO MUCH.vid on AO3
12HurricaneLaura ShapiroBattlestar Galactica/FarscapeJoan Osborne3:142010. Could I make a constructed reality vid?vid on AO3
13Only a LadLaura ShapiroMultiOingo Boingo2:582012. This is the second time I featured fangirls in the text -- in the lyrics, in this case. This is really a successor to The Lonely People in terms of its essential argument about "collateral" damage being actual real people who get hurt or killed.vid on AO3
14ScreamKass and Laura ShapiroDoctor WhoUsher3:322013. I can't seem to stop interrogating my Doctor Who feelings. YAY! And also OMGWTFNO.vid on AO3

Content notes for this show:

OrderVid TitleChose not to give notesNo standard notes applyPhysical triggersAudio triggersGraphic violenceSexual violenceSelf harmOther
1Wouldn't it be NiceX
3Come TogetherXXCharacter death
5Late Model LoveX
7I Put You ThereX
8The Lonely PeopleX
9They Don't KnowX
10ArrivéXStockholm syndrome, abduction, implied sexual violence
11Stay AwakeXForced pregnancy, medical trauma, nonconsensual medical and surgical invasion, demon babies, character death, suicide
13Only a LadXXRape, murder, mass murder