Self-Curated Vidshow Challenge

About this vidshow: Sidekicks, secondary characters, foils -- celebrating the fray-adjacent

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OrderVid TitleVidder(s)FandomArtistRuntimeWhy I chose itlink to vid
1IngLaura ShapiroBuffy the Vampire SlayerThe Roches3:15Becoming human kinda sucks, but Anya is committed.vid on AO3
2If You KnewLaura ShapiroDue SouthAustin Willacy3:10Francesca Vecchio gets no love. But she's brave in her own way.vid on AO3
3BarcelonaLaura ShapiroBattlestar GalacticaJewel4:08Sharon struggles with ethics and emerges a winner -- for a while.vid on AO3
4Queen BitchLaura ShapiroHedwig and the Angry InchDavid Bowie3:13Yitzhak triumphs over repression and abuse. Who's the real star?vid on AO3
5Shut Up and DriveLaura ShapiroDoctor WhoRihanna3:11Martha > you.vid on AO3
6Suspended in GaffaLaura ShapiroFarscapeKate Bush4:00Chiana is more than just kissing, kicking, and crying her way out.vid on AO3
7Big Man on Mulberry StreetLaura ShapiroDue SouthBilly Joel5:33Ray Vecchio is everything.vid on AO3
8God Bless the ChildLaura ShapiroAngelBillie Holiday3:01Lorne gives and gives until there's nothing left to give.vid on AO3
9Everything is WrongLaura ShapiroCommunityKelly McFarland3:05The butt of every joke, Britta still shines.vid on AO3
10Hard SunBradcpu and Laura ShapiroFireflyEddie Vedder3:38Fans are big damn heroes too.vid on AO3

Content notes for this show:

OrderVid TitleChose not to give notesNo standard notes applyPhysical triggersAudio triggersGraphic violenceSexual violenceSelf harmOther
2If You Knewsexual harassment
4Queen BitchXX
5Shut Up and DriveX
6Suspended in Gaffacharacter death
7Big Man on Mulberry StreetX
8God Bless the ChildX
9Everything is WrongX
10Hard SunX