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I Have Nothing

fandom: 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV)
focus: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian
made for: FanWorks 2021 Premieres
subtitles: English (on stream)
length: 4:17

summary: “share my life”

Thanks to sweetestdrain for cheering this vid along, and thanks? I guess? to a year of “puppy in a cup” hormones; I spent a year working on this vid only at times when I was deep into “crying about animals that are too small” “crying about rabbits in sweaters” “crying because a dog had a good day” emotions, and the end result is what you see: a mix of absolute, full drama sincerity, AfterEffects sparkles, and dramatic zooms on perfect single tears.

download (right click/save): 319MB mp4

content notes: some instances of (not realistic) blood, strangulation, an extremely temporary major character death

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