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Tout l’univers

fandom: 더 킹:영원의 군주 | The King: Eternal Monarch (TV)
focus: Lee Gon/Jo Yeong
notes: multiple realities, time travel, king/bodyguard
made for: Con.Txt 2021 Premieres
subtitles: English, French (on stream)
length: 3:09

summary: This is our last chance.

Thanks to sweetestdrain for cheering this vid on, and Milly for help with the English translation subtitles!

download (right click/save): 231MB mp4

content notes: Visual triggers: lightning flashes and rotating/tilt-shifting video from 0:50-0:57, lightning flashes and bright light between 2:28-2:40, additional background/dimmer lightning in some shots throughout. Other content notes: blood, child harm (no child death).

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